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A character from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
A banana shaped dog, seemingly friendly however Hand Banana is a manipulative anal rapist.

Hand Banana: 'All i like is ball... and good... and rape'

Hand Banana: 'Tonight...You'

Hand Banana: 'Looks like your basting that turkey over there. Mind if i slip in and take the temperature?'
by DocFlox November 20, 2008
The man who fucked the monkey which gave us aids. Someone who represents the pinnacle of human crapulence. A term reserved for the most joyless wastes of protoplasm that shit all over the earth, sell us the bucket and order us to clean it up.
So Mr Cameron, we have chronic inner city decay, one million children being brought up in abusive homes and young men coming back from Afghanistan in bits. What do you plan to do about it?

Tax cuts for the rich.

You are the man who fucked the monkey which gave us aids
by DocFlox March 22, 2010
The act of leaping from the couch and sprinting to the computer every ten minutes to click the next part of the movie your watching on YouTube. Speed is essential for this maneuver or else the next clip may be lost in the black abyss and you unintentionally start to watch some fat kid body popping. Extreme YouTube Olympians may opt for 3 minute clips for the rush.
'Ah i've just settled down with a curry in my fetid yellow Y fronts safe from exercise and now i can watch the third part of From Justin to Kelly. Shit! Ruunn! There goes the bastard curry on the cat, sweaty clicking time. Its the YouTube Olympics!!!'
by DocFlox July 27, 2009
Someone who has had their ring destroyed.
'Stop Sam your hurting me! But Mr Frodo you said we must destroy the ring!'
by DocFlox May 27, 2009

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