Hamster: A partialy filled beer found left over after a party.
Often times inebriated people will misplace their beer and
simply grab a fresh one out of convenience rather than search for their own.

A half leftover beer drank in desperation.
Who in the hell left all these Goddamn hamsters?
by zeprider1 August 31, 2009
Hamester is a racist term, for an African AMerican, used without them knowing for decades by whites attending a company picnic. It later spilled over to the general public.
"Hey hurry up guys before the freekin hamsters eat all the chicken and watermellon!"
by Kathy Whitfield August 05, 2004
Home And Masturbating Showering Toking Eating Resting
Might not meet, Im going hamster.
by Sissywashere February 21, 2015
A small rodent not to be confused with a mouse. They are very fuzzy and friendly. They also like to dance. Also, they will run in little plastic or metal wheels until they die from either heart attack or exhaustion. Make good pets except they are known to plan world domination, escape artists and also like to run around your house and poop everywhere.
Biannca 'Hammy' Pender. Hamster.
by hamsterexpert August 01, 2012
Short for Bellinghamster, a nickname for a resident of Bellingham, Washington.
Those crowds of people in the mall aren't 'Hamsters. They're Canadians come down here to shop.
by KevynJacobs August 17, 2011
A slang for Recoilless gun or rifle mounted on a car or a tripod.

The origin of the word come from the BBC series "The Young Ones" where Vyvyans pet hamster was called SPG witch is a name of a popular Russian recoilless gun.
Oh crap, These is a hamster-car on the left flank, kill it!!
by Vyvyan999 December 23, 2010
a meat dish served by contractor KBR (Kellogg, Brown and Root) to US soldiers in Iraq consisting of deep fried chicken cordon bleu, which based on its size, shape and color looks remarkably like a small furry animal commonly called a hamster.
by a solder standing in the KBR chow line, "I'll have two hamsters please."
by joe californian November 19, 2007

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