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A great place for peadophiles and child molesters
Word is....that at your first day in the lockdown, you have to kick someones ass. Otherwise you become someones Bitch
by Superdude December 29, 2004
One of the Biggest rock icons of the last century
I laugh every time when the English make idiotic jokes about the Irish. Because one of the most celebrated Englishmen of all time is Irish himself

by Superdude November 09, 2004
Leeching is when you download via a torrent or any other intarweb shareprogram, without giving any upload back.

leeching is especially harmfull to the bittorrent network (sucking all the bandwith away)
fucking hell! the Half life 2 torrent is full of leechers!!1!!1
by Superdude November 23, 2004
A rodent, expensive food for my German shepherd
I catapulted my hamster over 124 yards.
by Superdude November 18, 2004
Two Irish lads making some great music.
Backbeat the word is on the street that the fire in your heart is out.
by Superdude December 29, 2004
The act of urinating and shitting at the same time.
oh no, the cat minogued on the couch again!
by Superdude November 01, 2004

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