drunk off ur ass
Dude, he's way hammered
by Shana Morro March 25, 2003
Top Definition
(adj.) Heavily inebriated, though to a lesser extent than shitfaced.
Man, I'm gonna go out and get hammered tonight,
by Erik Randolph March 22, 2003
Intoxicated beyond drunk.
Im fuckin Hammered.
by Risky July 19, 2003
so completley drunk out of ones mind
after 10 shots
dude zack is Totally hammered
by guadelupe January 25, 2005
To be beyond drunk. Most often, those whom get to this state never remember being there. One test to see if someone has reached this plateau is to ask them to spell the word "hammered".
"Wow Matt your really hammer!"
"Snow Hime snot...zzzzzz"
by C. Wallace May 20, 2004
someone who has gotten themselves completely drunk
'people who get hammered won't be able to nail'
by .lanky_bec. April 26, 2006
Another definition to this widely used term referring to the act of getting bludgeoned (possibly to death) with the tool known as a hammer.
"I got hammered at Home Depot last night."
by mlvd742 January 12, 2010

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