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10 definitions by Risky

Intoxicated beyond drunk.
Im fuckin Hammered.
by Risky July 19, 2003
It's what happens when you smoke too much of the green stuff.
What was that? there's someone there, what was that sound?*Fuck up you stupid paranoid cunt*
by Risky July 19, 2003
Gatta: Slang term for alcohol, can be plural as in "gatters". Can be a state of intoxication. Originated from gypsies now, commonly incorportaed in south east area slang, especially Medway Towns, Caravan sites and Sittingbourne, Kent.
"Shall we get up the shop and get sum gattas bruv"
"Ahh mate, did you see joyce last nite, He was Gattered"
"Yes Yes, Whagwann Tonite?? Nutin much, Jus getting Gattered i think??"" Sweet
by Risky March 14, 2005
Post - Mallet = An after mallet
One would have a major after mallet upon onesself
by Risky November 30, 2003
whoever wrote number 5 is the man, it was prob some unrisque senior who cant compete with the cool sophs, so sit down.
am i not a risque kid???
by risky April 04, 2005
Short for peder, poofter in croation
What a peds
by Risky July 19, 2003
Slang for Dog, (Singular)
jooks (plural)

Also a stabbing action: To jook someone
"look at that jook over there"

"i mugged this geeza right off the other day,he wouldn't give up his fone so i jooked him init?"
by Risky March 14, 2005