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the first level of getting drunk, hammed equates to being tipsy.
After 3 shots Brian began to feel a little hammed.
by B. Smith October 15, 2006
1 5
To get really Shloshed. aka Drunk
Aleks and I got wicked hammed last nite.
by TMAC September 30, 2003
119 43
Adj. (Ham-da) When you have drank to much alcohol in a night; Derived from the adjective hammered.
Casey Hamlett loves to get Hammed
by Ben Ambrey July 07, 2007
58 25
drunk; hammered.
he got hammed.
by . June 15, 2003
58 28
When you are very drunk; from the word hammered
Jake: yo man yesterday i had so much ham juice.
Franz:dude me too!
Jake: we were so hammed
by Coco slater October 27, 2007
29 8
the state of intoxication from alcohol where you can't see, speak, stand or walk; the objective of every night out
obvo hammed after drinking 7 free t-shirts worth of drink ie. 28shots
by Rave slave February 08, 2009
21 7
To be extremely drunk.
"Man i got super hammed last night bro!"
by whoisurdanny August 14, 2008
14 11
When an electronic device stops responding, aka frozen
My computer hammed!!
Someone call IT My Blackberry is hamming!!
by hmmmhammer1 June 22, 2009
3 7