When an electronic device stops responding, aka frozen
My computer hammed!!
Someone call IT My Blackberry is hamming!!
by hmmmhammer1 June 22, 2009
When you place your bare ass cheeks on someones face. This can be done to your friends in their conscious or unconscious state of mind.Its not recommended to place your bare ass on someone who is bigger than you because they might whoop your ass, or worse, give you a dirty taco in return.
Josh hammed Timmy at the lake house in front of everyone. It was a spectacular flying ham to the grill. This was very impressive because he had to jump fairly high for his ass to face contact.
by Bsmitty003 March 17, 2008
A fart that takes place around the holidays. Similar to yammed. Overtones of ham, undertones of pumpkin and eggnog.
"Oh my fucking god, Josh hammed the other night while he was sniffing poppers"
by NigglesPiggles December 08, 2009
Getting a 2 week old ham sandwich stuffed in your face 10 times.
When you are sitting down minding your own business and some jerk comes from behind and stuffs a sandwich in your face. He then yells "You got HAMMED"
by Hammed May 04, 2008

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