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The act of substituting a thin slice of deli meat for a condom.
"Fuck Trojans, I hamdog that shit."

"Sally forgot to take her birth control, so we just hamdogged all night long."

"I hamdogged Julia two weeks ago, and now I'm afraid she's carrying my meat spawn."

by Jeff Shewer February 06, 2008
A hotdog wrapped in a hamburger pattie that is then deep fried and served on a hoagie roll with chili, cheese, onions, bacon, and a fried egg.
After eating that hamdog, I felt like I was gonna die.
by bugmenot369 August 06, 2008
A hot dog in the shape of a hamburger patty.
I love hot dogs, but I love the shape of hamburgers. Now, I can have the best of both - hamdogs!

hot dog hamburger
by dragonmaster5000 February 20, 2012
1.a penis or (shlong)
2.a nickname given to someone called Hamish
"whatsup ham dog?"
"I never touch my hamdog!"
by hammer... September 02, 2003
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