hot ass mess
she looked a ham.
by antwan duncan August 31, 2003
Hard As A Mother Fucker. Term widely used in the McDonald's Corporation. When someone is not doing their best or not going to their full potential, you say "Go HAM or Go Home", a term that employees use to boost the self confidence of other employees and/or managers.
All other McDonald's go S.A.M (Soft as a Mother Fucker), besides the McDonald's in Sidney, that store goes H.A.M

Sidney McDonald's is goes the most H.A.M than any other McDonald's in the world.
by HAM-Sidney-McDonalds June 26, 2011
Hard As A Motherfucker
Im about to go h.a.m hard as a mother fucker can.
I went so h.a.m. last night.
by Kevicup January 13, 2011
H.A.M. is an acronym of the phrase Hot Ass Mess, spelled either h.a.m or H.A.M.. The acronym becomes an adjective which can be used for any person, place or thing.
Did you see Chevette's new haircut? It is so H.A.M. or I am so H.A.M today, I was up way too late drinking and acting a fool. or Did you check out Craig's new neighborhood...H.A.M.!
by austinwondo June 21, 2009
Stands for hot ass mess
Usually refers to a person or thing that is tasteless and vulgar in presentation; A trashy outfit or hair style
by Jaja Nwokeabia August 21, 2005
H.A.M (not to be confused with going ham) means Hard As a Muthafucka' popularized by Kanye West and Jay-Z in the first released single from their up and coming collab album
Example 1:Urban Dictionary is H.A.M

Example 2: I'm bout to go H.A.M, hard as a muthafucka let these niggas know who I am - Jay-Z & Kanye West
by Ohai Im Bry February 17, 2011
someone who is tore up and uly ass hell
a Hot ass mess
look at her she a damn H.A.M (Hot Ass Mess)
by the realest September 16, 2005

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