Hard as a mother fucker.
As in the Kanye West and Jay-Z song, "H.A.M".
Yeah, I'm about to go H.A.M. Hard as a mother fucker; let these niggas know who I am.
by KanyeGossipMonster January 11, 2011
Hard As a Motherfucker
Yea, I'm about to go H.A.M, Hard as a motherfucker, let these niggas know who I am. - Jay-Z
by KachiroTheHero January 11, 2011
"Did you see what the hell that trashy bitch had on today?"
"Yeah. She looks a H.A.M.!" Hot Ass Mess
by Fancy Dani January 03, 2011
Abbreviation for "half-assed mustache". When someone with very little ability to grow a mustache nevertheless attempts to do so and ends up with a faint line of upper-lip hair. Usually found on pubescent males. Often a sign of the wearer's insecurity concerning his own masculinity.
"Anticipating the arrival of her blind-date, Tammy envisioned a dashing, debonair Southern gentleman - a well-coiffed, mustachioed Rhett Butler - however, her hopes wilted like day-old daisies when she was picked up by Wayne in his uncle's Camaro wearing a muscle-shirt and sweatpants complementing his newly-grown h.a.m. and a luxuriant mullet."
by dorianX January 25, 2009
Hard at Midnight
Last night I turned 21. Hit the bars up H.A.M. style.
by hard at midnight May 08, 2011
Hoe Ass Move.

similar to bitch move but involves a situation in which one's action are punkish, gay, weak or cowardly.
Something a mark or Scary ass nigga would do.
1.) That clerk did a H.A.M. when he got scared that a black man was searching to buy an item in his store, and said that he had him on camera and wanted to know what he was doing.
2.) The student was H.A.Min he made fun of a student behind his back.
by Deeman92788 May 10, 2009
Abbreviation for the slang term "Hot Ass Mess".
"Golden Brooks showed up to the Red Carpet event looking like a H.A.M."

"She was mad sloppy and fat wearing a tight ass outfit looking like a H.A.M."
by Bronx Born August 09, 2006

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