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A condition in which celebrities' faces widen with age such that they look like a honey baked ham.
Christos: Have you seen John Travolta and Kathleen Turner? Total ham head!

Chen: I know! What about Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau? And don't forget about William Shatner... CLASSIC ham head.
by Chris.G July 22, 2010
Harvey Price. A dribbling rubber-headed blind spastic.

Or anyone with mild spasticinia or spastosis
Well done Jordan, your son is a Hamhead
by David Mildspasticania July 04, 2010
Someone who is just plain stupid.
"can you believe Jeremy thought a heifer was a chicken?"
"i know right, he's such a hamhead."
by lulu "p-dawg" trutit February 26, 2009
the head of a penis.
i totally closed my damn ham head in the car door yesterday.
by dilbaid7 April 25, 2009