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The study of Halo, either Halo 1, 2, or the upcoming Halo 3 and Halo Wars. These games for Xbox and Xbox 360 were developed by Bungie, and with some help from Microsoft. This intellectual pursuit embodies all the aspects of Halo such as: different combat strategies, stealth fighting, grenading, timing, sniping, up-close combat, teamwork, aiming, psychological training, nerves-of-steel, using vehicles and air transportation, and anything else related to improving one's Halo skills.
Me: "Hey, Kareem, what do you say we study some Halography for an hour or two - I need to improve my sniping and you can work on getting that plasma grenade down."

Kareem: "Word. Hallo to Halo."
by Adel7 July 22, 2007
the process of drawing holy persons with radiant light around their head.
Divine pictures are ususally drawan in halography.
by uttam maharjan July 23, 2011
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