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Someone who, intoxicated by being 'knowledgeable' and 'right' about politics, gender, race, economics, and everything in general, consistently spews forth platitudes meant to perpetuate an ignorant, deep-seated hate towards anyone not Christian, white, and rural.
I really hope Cooper doesn't pick up his father's halling attitude. I hope he and his sisters find balance from the tirades and rants his halling dad spews every time we see them. It will be challenging for them to become mindful, mature young adults if they perpetuate the halling behavior they grew up with.
by soo-soo June 26, 2014
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Laying down in the aisles of a store until you either get tired or kicked out. Similar too owling, planking, and koaling.
Did you see the picture of them halling in kmart?
Yesss, it seems awesome!
by AdamPeden August 02, 2011
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