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A girl who yells in response to being yelled at instead of responding with silence or violence.
"Don't be afraid of her, she's just a hallaback girl"
by dane500 May 30, 2005
A girl who is presented an opportunity to either accept or reject a booty call. Upon accepting, she does in fact lose her right to say, "I aint no hallaback girl."
Mike: "I called her at bar time to come over..."
Richard: "Did she come over?"
Mike: "You know she did. She's a hallaback girl."
by bettyeatsspatghetti September 25, 2005
a halla back girl is someone in the stands at a football game or any sporting event that yells back to the cheerleaders when they yell out to the fans to
spell the team name
eg. cheerleaders yell give me a T and the crowd yells back T and so on
by Kathy64 June 22, 2005
when a guy tells a girl "Halla back" and she does just that, then she's a hallaback girl.
"I ain't no hallaback girl."
by ~*Jessi*~ April 28, 2005
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