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When pussies only fill it up to the half way mark, but want to roll with the big dawgs that take a full shot. It's okay guys, because we've all taken a halfie in our day.
"Nah, dude, I can only take a halfie"
"DUDE ur a pussy...btw"
by SMCM Julia May 04, 2006
10 30
A person who is of mixed race.
(i.e. half asian hald caucasian) also called hapa
by Amyjoy Clark November 28, 2003
284 125
the sexiest kind of person. they are undeniably attractive and also are adored by everyone that knows them. to be a halfie is an EXTREME compliment and everyone one else is only half as sexy as halfies are.

fuck us on rooftops.
Greg is such a halfie. i'd fuck him on a rooftop anyday.
by halfie girl December 17, 2007
347 225
When a males penis is neither erect nor flaccid, but usually somewhere in the middle. This usually happens without a male being aware of it, or if his penis is slightly aroused. This can result in embarrassment or satisfaction depending where this occurs, and the occasion.
Example 1:

John: "I love the amazement in the other kid's eyes when they see my junk in the change room. They think i have genes from the black mamba when really i just have a halfie!"

Sam: "What is a halfie?"

John: "It's when i arouse my penis just a tad so that it looks like my penis is bigger."

Sam: "You really fooled me, i thought you where born that way!"
by azifromcalgary October 04, 2011
30 22
Halfie, is when you take a selfie, but only of half your face, or body. It can be either half your face, (upper, lower, only one side) or half your body (upper, lower, or the sides)

The halfie phenomenon is a Norwegian word, invented by a globetrotting guy from the west coast, on his travels to Paris, he discovered a way more interesting way to take pictures of himself in his endless quest for likes on various social media sites. Halfie is now taking the world by storm starting with Norway and Paris, and quickly spreading to the United States.
He took a nice looking halfie.

Selfies are so 2013, it's all about them halfies now a days.

She took a halfie in the mirror today, and it was fabulous
by Twister_r0 February 25, 2014
6 1
Term for a person/persons of mixed race. Most heavily used by Italian and Irish - Americans in the Brooklyn & Staten Island areas of New York. Most likely used by an "Aunt Christine" and usually not used in positive form.
1.) Hey you kids wanna use the bathroom? Go ahead, the two ply is on the top shelf. But you two? You wanna use the two ply, $1.50 a sheet...fucking halfies

2.) Hey you guys want some sodas? I got some Pepsi in the 'fridgerator...You two? I got some Shasta & RC Cola in the basement...Fucking halfies.
by Big Ole' Braciole January 18, 2014
5 0
a joint rolled containing half tobacco and half marijuana.
hey man, that halfie we rolled last night got me high AND helped my nicotine fix!
by CuntRolVibeRage February 26, 2013
6 10
A half ounce of marijuana 14 Grams.
Take that pound and break it into halfies and we alright.
by Inventa of da Greenleaves January 18, 2006
56 61