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When a person who works in retail uses their job as an opportunity to workout by speed walking, lifting numerous heavy objects unnecessarily, or often times a combination of both. Sometimes they may go as far as wearing wrist or ankle weights to enhance their regimen. The majority of time they come across as a tweaking suckass by displaying an annoying amount of energy and eagerness to do things that normal people wouldn't want to do in the process making co-workers look bad or lazy.
Bob: Hey man, did you see Steve in electronics? I think he's been snorting coke on his break.

Terry: Na, he's just doing his retail workout.
by getfisted December 12, 2012
The act of laying on your back on the bed with your feet up over your head secured by the headboard so it enables you to suck your own dick.
Man, I gave myself a crazy half-pipe special last night. Now my back is killing me.
by getfisted December 11, 2012
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