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Someone who actively decides to do less than their best because either they don't care or they feel the task doesn't deserve the time it would take to do a good job.
"Joe, are you going to put much time into your progress report?"

"Naw, I'm gonna half-ass it, cause nobody will EVER read it anyways".

"Joe, you're such a half-asser".
by Tanner August 31, 2004
A person who always half finishes a job, chore or activity never seeing it to completion and complaining that they can't do it.
That girl started to distribute the fliers and threw the reset away and went home. She's a half asser!
by dkarez4u August 19, 2011
Someone who tells you half of the truth
When your man or woman leaves out an important detail in a certain situation hince a half-asser
by applebtm July 14, 2009
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