Someone who is very very stupid, but not technically mentally retarded.
I wouldn't vote for Dubya, he's a half-tard.
by Rufus April 13, 2003
Top Definition
Someone who isnt worthey enough to be called a retard and they are just a half tard
Gosh casey, ur such and effing half tard
by sk8freak June 11, 2005
Someone who exudes the characteristics of a mentally retarded person, but is not legally retarded.
Johnson is the king of the half-tards, but he doesn't actually play in the half-tard band like Mario does.
by t-dizzle July 06, 2004
short for half retard and more fun too use
Whos the fucking Halftard who said "HEY, let's market Coldplay! Yeah that'd be a great idea!"
by Mad Jester December 16, 2004
Someone who is a sandwich short of a picnic, but not quite special enough to be a fulltard
That guy over there dribbles a lot, he's a bit of a Halftard
by Kingofspanners June 27, 2010
People who can become spastic at any random time making random noises or outbursts for no reason; Not clinically retarded but exemplifying similar traits; Not right in the head. Usually indigenous to the inner neighborhoods of Philadelphia.
Bunch of half tards around here.
by JoeNJ2 March 28, 2011
Someone so retarded, they don't even make the grade as a retard, thus being harftarded e.g. George W Bush, David Beckham and Saddam Hussain's travel guide
Your mom is such a halftard
by Neo December 21, 2003
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