Half of a tard... an example of how to use *tard. (i.e. fukktard, muntard, boostard, avantard etc.)
Yo VonMetz, you is a fuggin halftard (insert *tard)
by Pi_Rate March 02, 2009
Someone who isnt worthey enough to be called a retard and they are just a half tard
Gosh casey, ur such and effing half tard
by sk8freak June 11, 2005
Someone who exudes the characteristics of a mentally retarded person, but is not legally retarded.
Johnson is the king of the half-tards, but he doesn't actually play in the half-tard band like Mario does.
by t-dizzle July 06, 2004
short for half retard and more fun too use
Whos the fucking Halftard who said "HEY, let's market Coldplay! Yeah that'd be a great idea!"
by Mad Jester December 16, 2004
Someone who is very very stupid, but not technically mentally retarded.
I wouldn't vote for Dubya, he's a half-tard.
by Rufus April 13, 2003
People who can become spastic at any random time making random noises or outbursts for no reason; Not clinically retarded but exemplifying similar traits; Not right in the head. Usually indigenous to the inner neighborhoods of Philadelphia.
Bunch of half tards around here.
by JoeNJ1 March 28, 2011
Someone who is a sandwich short of a picnic, but not quite special enough to be a fulltard
That guy over there dribbles a lot, he's a bit of a Halftard
by Kingofspanners June 27, 2010
Someone so retarded, they don't even make the grade as a retard, thus being harftarded e.g. George W Bush, David Beckham and Saddam Hussain's travel guide
Your mom is such a halftard
by Neo December 21, 2003

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