Entering a situation without being fully prepared.
Origin: Muskets and revolvers have a lowered, half-cocked, and full-cock position for the hammer. During loading, the weapon is brought to a half-cock. The weapon must then be brought to a full-cock to be used. Forgetting to cock the weapon leads to it being unprepared for combat.
The boxer did'nt do any research on his opponent, and went off half-cocked to fight somebody twice his size.
by moniker19 October 09, 2008
Top Definition
Acting on assumptions or partial information.

Based on old firearms, that if not fully cocked (thus half cocked), would not fire.
You've only heard his side of the story! You can't go running around half cocked spreading rumors about her!
by RobbyPants June 05, 2007
Ajective decsribing behavior. Usually implies that the behavior was impulsive, done without considering the consequences.
After Sarah insulted Jimmy he went off half-cocked about her haircut.
by muttleydeed April 22, 2006
being about half drunk
after those shots that we had i'm about half cocked
by justin August 04, 2004
having a dick that is half the normal size. Having a dick that is half the size of your wife/girlfriends lover's dick (Primarily in the case of a cuckold). Inadequate penis
My halfcocked husband watches me take a real dick before cleaning up the mess
by halfcocked January 19, 2007
A: You went in there half cocked?
B: No, but i came OUT half cocked. That chick is CRAZY!
by TooCrooked November 22, 2007
A Half Erected penis
Jeff Showed me his Half-Cocked Weener in the Suburban
by Aaron Nosey May 09, 2004
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