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A pretty nice fps. Definetly overated. Not that great a game if I can beat it in under ten hours.
Halo is not worthy of a ten out of ten.
by alex saltzman November 20, 2005
15 26
The best game in all of eternity. Very fun!:) I like it!
hElLo AlL gOoD tO sEe YoU1
by "Here's Johnny!" March 17, 2005
11 22
An okay, highly overrated game for X-box and PC.
Person one: Wanna play some Halo?
Person Two: Nah, I'm enjoying Xenosaga right now.
by Alec October 31, 2004
23 34

In fact, it sucks!
It is sad that some people worship this game... real sad
by HALO SUX October 11, 2004
40 51
1. The glowing ring thing above an Angel's head. Suggestive of purity or divinity.
2. The most overrated game currently available. The hype surrounding the game was all out of proportion to the actual quality, which only exists in drunken multiplayer battles.
3. The only reason the X-Box ever gets any sales. No, DOA and Project Gotham don't count. They're also overrated.
1. Go to Church
2. Talk to an X-Box fanboy
3. This ties in with 2
by Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi October 09, 2004
34 45
One of the most godlike games ever made, next to Counter-Strike.
I am obsessed with halo
by BodyCount June 09, 2004
15 26
1. Second greatest game ever made. I say "second greatest" because everyone with half of a brain knows how good Halo 2 will be.

2. Story-driven and violent FPS for the Xbox (and most recently the PC, and pretty soon the Mac) in which you take on the role of Master Chief, a genetically enhanced super soldier fighting alongside the UNSC marines in an attempt to save humanity from the wrath of the Covenant, a strong religious alliance of at least six alien races hell bent on destroying the human race, most likely because they fear our moral corruption and lack of discipline, among other things.
Halo kicked ass, but Halo 2 will probably be even better.

Halo's story is complex and interesting, at least until its plotlines start showing up in other games.
by C-can January 29, 2004
18 29