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something stupid 12 year olds sniff to get high cause they think its cool, but are too pussy to buy real drugs like weed, even though weed is not harmful and aerosol is.
Stupid aerosol sniffing 12 year old: Weed is bad for you! You could die from it! **takes a sniff of aerosol and brain cells pop**
by fgdfgf May 19, 2004
A state of mind suspended in an over weight body with a severely sunburned neck. This state of mind tends to shop in bulk, own multiple firearms, drive oversized pick-up trucks, eat unnecessarily large steaks, etc.

It can also be anyone, anything, or any action born within the 48 original states. The vast majority are explained above.
Hanging the American Flag in the front as well as in the back of your home is very Aerosol. Bringing your friends to the bar in the bed of your pick-up truck is an Aerosol move. To cease consuming Budweiser after the Inbev takeover is Aerosol.
by Gfine July 01, 2009
A guy without money for drugs that snif the rest of drugs of his friends.
Yo! Get out of my trail! go snif a toilet! you fuckin aerosol!!
by jorge faria February 06, 2008
A word for the dangerous gasses in a pressurized can. The o-zone fears this. In most cases aerosol gasses can funk you up.
Dude, the whipped cream is making me funked up "b", dude your spraying the shiz in your face the wrong way, turn the can upside down.
by Windexter April 20, 2003
A deadly combination of copious intestinal gas and liquid diarrhea. The resultant combination is surprisingly humorous to everyone but the person it's happening just outside of.
"Aw MAN! I just cleaned that toilet and you had to aerosol the whole thing!"
by ColdFusion October 26, 2005
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