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A very beautiful girl who has lots of friends. She is crazy, funny, and just overall amazing. She has great sense of style and loves to do adventourous things. She'll do something nobody else will. She will always be there for her friends, no matter what.
Woah, Hailey is amazing.
by Ouya Ucksa Enispa May 07, 2011
3:sexy ass
4:not fat
5:wayy sexy
6:fun and crazy
hailey: omgsh ges what?

some hoe: what?

hailey: im totally going out with that hawt new guy

some hoe: are you seriuos?hes only been here for 2 days!

hailey: mhm,so what he was at my house last night,so was bryan!!

some hoe: omgsh you slutt bryan has a girlfriend!!

hailey: not anyy moree ;] but me n him are just friends..with benifits ;]
by naw dawg January 21, 2008
Nice ass.
Good grades.
Nice smile.
Sexy eyes.
A sucker for a guy with a great smile.
Hates hater.
Only has about 2 or 3 friends that you can call, good friends.
Boy1: Dayum, have you seen Haileys ass?

Boy2: Hells yeah! Shes hot!
by RosinHoggard February 19, 2009
Sweet girl. Big boobs, nice smile, fun, usually blonde or brunette. Sometimes both;). She loves practically everyone but if something goes wrong, she can kick anyone's ass. She's tough, and smart. No one wants to fuck with this chick. She could easily fuck you up. When she likes a guy, she can pretend to hate him all she wants. She's a great person to hang with, will listen, and try to help, but always goes with what is right in her heart. She seems outgoing and bright and fun, but is truly shy when it comes to letting people see her true self. She loves to be out and about with friends. Any person would defend her in a situation if needed. No one wants to see her upset. Adores animals, and is all around a perfect girl and friend. If you dont got one, Get a Hailey.
Person 1. Did you talk to Hailey?
Person 2. No, what's wrong?
Person 1. Someone's trying to start shit.
Person 2. Where the FUCK IS THAT ASSHOLE?
by 2lulah July 05, 2011
A sweet girl who's so beautiful, everyone loves her.

A perfect girl.
"Have you seen Hailey, shes so awesome?"
"Yeah dude, she's perfect"
by REdSox1313 January 18, 2012
Great friend
a True keeper
Beautiful on the inside, and out. Unlike most girls
May hate herself, so it's important to remind her how specialy she is
Even though she make look nice and weak, she can be quite the opposite.
Omar "Comme Ca?"
Hailey "Shut up!"
by 3DoorCC December 11, 2011
a girl with a huge butt. that everyone likes and is very hott
Dude... i saw a hailey looking girl last night.
by Travis Galofaro September 25, 2008
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