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2 definitions by 99GenX

Sexiest broad ever to grace the streets of the south.

I'd hit it, 2 times.
Guy 1: Dude, did you see Hailey at the game tonight?

Guy 2: Yah brah, that's one bangin' winch.
by 99GenX January 18, 2007
A person who generally, pretends to be badass online such as forums, chat applications, etc.

Although rarely, e-badass's will live true to their threats, most are idol and meaningless.

Most e-badass’s generally fall under the category of looser.

{JLM}PAINTBALLA - dude you wana fight
rob teh l33tzorz - sure

Parking lot:

rob teh l33tzorz - aight lets do this
{JLM}PAINTBALLA - j/k'ing guy, don't hulk smash me, I'm sorry
rob teh l33tzorz - you are such an e-badass pansy
by 99GenX July 27, 2006