When you throw change at a stripper/slut.
Stripper:Ow. Are those nickels? Guy:Yeah. Hail. It's a down economy. I'm a baller on a budget bitch.
by CRAZAY MIDGET March 06, 2011
Top Definition
Used to express a greeting or tribute.
Hail dude!
Oh hiya
by Alex March 22, 2004
Greeting between black metal brethren.

Also, "infernal hails".
"Hails, bro!" "Good morrow to you too, brother."
by AveSatana September 12, 2008
to acknowledge the existence of the all-knowing, all-showing, and all-glowing Brain.
"To whom do you give hail?"
"The Brain... Now shake my meet me!"
occurs when a large sum of coins are tossed at a stripper instead of paper money, the tossing of paper money constitutes the phrase "making it rain"
"making it hail", "hailstorm", etc.
by Mighty Morphin Power Moose December 06, 2008
Hails is a infinitely unique abbreviation of the woman's name Hayley.

Its symbolises a hail storm of extreme intensity and passion. These metaphorical storms are usually irrational and unreasonable but comprise of humanitarian sustenance and an inherent loving nature. It is the water balance to the fire of the sun.

It is also extremely unpredictable and metaphorically can cause considerable collateral damage if unprepared for. Parallel to this manifestation of malevolence is a broadcasting of benevolence: the white witch; the fuck to the nut; the lioness to the jungle; the Ri (eye) of Ra.

#1: watt's your problem ?

#2: fuckin' hails went bollistic again....
by mirroring cockhead October 26, 2008
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