A cool way to say "Hi there," most commonly used in chat rooms.
1.) Bob: Hai der, Joe, hows you?

Joe: I is good, you?

2.) Tagging on the "der" makes it sound much better. See here:

"Hai der, Sue!" sounds much better than "Hi there, Sue." Get what I mean?
by yourparamore January 17, 2012
Top Definition
in arabic it means lion. usually a shiite name because their leader, ali, was given the title haider
a person who is very determined to do some good in this world. also very good-looking. people are very envious of them because these haiders have many talents and abilities.
did you see that guy fight off a mugger? he must be a haider!

girl1: that girls realy smart
girl2: shes a haider; what do you expect?
by bigbang4eva January 10, 2009
The biggest pimp you will ever see
"Look at Samir Haider, that dude is the biggest pimp"
by SamirHaider January 27, 2005
"Hey There"

A cool way of saying hey there.
Haider guiz.
by pjjjj July 21, 2009
A person who displays pimp like confidence when in reality is a douche.
That guy who gave me a hard look is such a haider.
by SamiRSSS January 19, 2009
The kind of guy who tries to get rid of his lisp while saying "Sally Sold Seashells by the Seashore.
Samir: "Hey guys, check out my lisp, it's almost gone! Sssally Sssold Ssseahshhhells by the Ssseashore...How was that?

Steven: "It's still the same."

Samir: Damn It!!

**God, this smells like asssshhh:)
by Dat Dude May 06, 2005
The kind of guy who thinks he can get rid of his lisp...
Samir: "Well, the book says that if you start with your tounge at the top of your mouth, you have to slowly bring it down to the bottom; pushing the air out through your teeth, like this...Sssally"

Steven: "It is still the same"

Samir: "Damn It!!"
by Dat Dude May 06, 2005
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