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A young male that is attracted too and dates older women.
Ralph is 17 but dates a 60 year old, he must be a hagger.
by cervic November 22, 2010
A name mentioned in the bible, Quran and Torah. Hagger was the wife of Ibrahim. The name represents patience, loyalty, integrity and dignity. Hagger is phonetically pronounced Hajer. Those with this name have greater internal beauty are creative and wise.
Oh Hagger, the one who God has blessed with wisdom and grace. Continue being patient because there are a lot of wackos out there!
by Francismargaret February 03, 2010
The term for the stance of a vehicle where the gap between the front fender and wheel is notably larger than that of the rear. This is the opposite of what is called "rake" where the rear gap is larger than the front.
That guy's honda has a huge amount of hagger. It's disgusting!
by Bagsley June 11, 2010
Hagger is a slang term for dip or snuff.
Jake: hey man you have any hagger?
Steve:yeah man
by Jains April 06, 2009
A combination of the words: hater and flagger. A person who flags an ad, numerous times, until it is removed from Craigslist; purposely. The reason for doing this is either: to be the only one to respond to the ad, before they cause it to be removed. Giving the appearance, to the person who put the ad up, the Hagger was the only person interested, and therefore the item and / or service should go to him/her. Or, the hagger has a service / product similar to the original poster, but of lesser value, and doesn't want to lose business because of the original poster, so eliminates the competition.
I keep trying to sell my iphone 4s on Craigslist, but minutes after I put the ad up, it's taking down. I keep getting the same guy, saying he'll buy it for 300. He's got to be a hagger!
by Reducto November 02, 2011
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