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A Tattoo usually of celtic style and sysmetrical on the lower back right above the a woman's butt crack.
I wouldn't hit that, you can see the hag tag right above the waistband of her thong when she bends over.
by the_goat October 19, 2005
The evolutionary form of a tramp stamp, which is the tattoo on the small of a woman's back.
Man, have you seen Veronica's tramp stamp lately? That shit is saggin' and it's now a straight up hag tag.
by Seattle2Tacoma August 21, 2008
A tatoo on the lower lumbar region of a female. See, "tramp Stamp".
She has a Hag Tag so you know she has to be easy.
by sqrl October 22, 2007
The act of seaching the net for and subsequently uploading a photo of an ugly woman to Facebook and tagging a female victim stating the said ugly woman is in fact the victim.

Typically used as an act of revenge, or to simply cause offence to the victim.

Effective way of culling your Friend List in a more enjoyable manner.
Mabel: I seriously need to eliminate some 'friends' on Facebook, but it's such a boring job.
Vera: Just Hag Tag a few people. They'll be so offended, they'll de-friend you thus saving you a job.

Bob: She's only gone an told everyone I was a lousy shag.
Dave: Ah, dude, that sucks.
Bob: S'all right. I Hag Tagged her. That'll teach the vile cow.
by Bowchickkawowwow January 18, 2011
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