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A person who will only wear clothing that is hideously expensive and bears the 'right' tag or label in the belief that she (it is mostly she) is a better person for doing so. Often tag hags are also fag hags for some reason.
"She's such a tag hag. She wanted to wear my Versace even though she hates it!
by kiwimich January 30, 2006
Lombard,n. derog. acronym Loads Of Money But A Real Dick
"How was your date last night?"
"Awful, he was a real Lombard"
by kiwimich January 30, 2006
noun, derog. an idiot, literally a wank brain or a person whose brain is capable only of masturbation
"Stupid toss brain can't count his nuts twice and get the same answer."
by kiwimich January 30, 2006

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