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A fun, yet addicting game played with your legs. Played in a circle with as much people as possible, the general goal is to have everyone kick the sack before it hits the ground; a hack. once that gets boring you can freestyle.

Celebrate Hacky Sack Day
Hacky Sack Day is the first sunday of every month
by Jeremy March 28, 2005
a game that everyone can play, sept preps, cuz preps are fags.
Hey fuck the preps lets go play hack.
by revolt May 08, 2004
the most kick ass past time in the world. when participating u use a small bag filled with sand or beads. you can hit the hacky sack with anything on your body except from ur elbows to your hands. the object of the game is to keep it from hitting the ground and trying to get everyone who is playin to hit the hacky sack at least once. if someone misses a perfectly playable ball, they get stiched by the person who hit it to them. stiching is where you get the hacky sack thrown at you as hard as the last person to hit it to you can throw it. after you dominate the art of getting hacks you can go freestyle and you can try getting stalls (where the hacky sack stops somewhere on your body, other than from your elbows to your hands, and you resume play after however long you want to keep the stall), and other cool moves such as kicking the ball alot of times by yourself until someone yells at you and tells you to pass.
noah starts the hack and wont pass the hacky sack
Zach " Damn it noah, pass the sack"

Big Jon "i hit that ball perfectly to you and you missed. you know what that means"
cameron "DAMN IT!!! I hate stiches!!!"
by yourmomslover November 05, 2007
played when bored with frustration of picking it up over again when miss kicking it.
FUCK i pick up the hackey more than i kick it
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
A game best played by stoners, you hit a small ball with bead in it and you have to kick it back and forth between the people playing.
just google hacky sack, then you get thousands of examples
by RIP lou-dog February 04, 2008
a great social and growing up sport to do,also a great time playing and learning new moves
to me hacksack is an everyday thing for me,it brings me life when im feeling down.
by mikey March 22, 2005
A game where a small, filled sack is kicked to be kept up in the air. Also a great way to be suspected of smoking marijuana.
Cop: Hey guys..
Players: Sup dude
Cop: Uh, you guys have been playing hacky sack for like an hour now... You don't have any weed on you do you?
by stoner09876 January 10, 2012
-=I've moved my definition from hackysack to hacky sack

The most fun, yet most addicting school time game.

Usally played with 7-10 people in a circle. There are many game types. Here are a few:

Elimination -

When the people stand in a circle, and the sack is kicked, if you miss the sack (other than on a serve) you are out. If the sack hits the middle or "no mans land" nobody is out. When there are 2 people left, the first person to get eliminated holds the sack, both players touch it, and the sack is thrown up. After throwing up, whoever misses the sack first/hits a bad hit is out.

FreeStyle -

When a group of friends kick to each other, and play sack. No rules, just kicking.

Sacked -

Everyone in the circle kicks the sack once, then passes it to someone else. If the sack hits the ground, or the same person twice before everyone has kicked it, you lose. Every 1 sack is when everyone in the circle hits the hackey sack once.

ShowOff -

No rules - friends kick to eachother showing off their best moves, i.e. Jester, otr, high top, russian jesters.. etc etc.

(2)FreeStyle - Pass the hacky sack here kris, oh wow you failed.

(3)Sacked - Damn, we got 7 sacks there before mario miss kicked the hackey sack.

(4)ShowOff - HOLY SHIT, he just tripple russian jestered into that hacky sack into an otr!
by The Sack Master September 22, 2009

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