A hacker is someone who enjoys to play with technology.

Contrary to what (ugh) the news media and idiot online gamers think, hackers are NOT people who break into computers for the sake of security flaw detection (white-hat crackers) or info stealing (black-hat crackers).
(Right way)
Richard M. Stallman and Eric S. Raymond are hackers.

(Wrong way)
Stupid CoD player: "ZOMG YoU sTuPiD HACKZORS!!!!11!l"
Hacker: "Shut your mouth, you don't know what you're talking about."
by YAXU August 11, 2012
Someone who makes furniture with an axe
My dad's a real hacker!
by Submoose April 29, 2008
Pretty much what 10 year olds scream if you do better than them in a video game
He got a triple kill? That's impossible! HACKER I WILL REPORT YOU!
by Tommy010 March 15, 2015
Back in the 70's, hacker was a term given to those fortunate enough to know how to code. During the 80's and 90's it was a term meant for those who worked their way through systems, without approval. Now, its meaning has been completely replaced by cracker, and hacker means nothing more than any idiot that can decipher a small page of HTML. Those who are computer illiterate still widely use the word in its 80s/90s sense. Not to be confused with hax0r, meaning a person who dreams to one day know how to hack, or another name for l337sp33k.
Of the 80s/90s version, there were three primary denominations:
The casual Hacker-hacks to learn information for his own curiosity.
The White Hat Hacker-hunts down and destroys malicious code.
The Black Hat Hacker-designs and releases malicious code;gathers dangerous information;brings down sensative systems.
"The hackers are working very hard."
"The hackers have managed to find their way into the system."
"The hackers are getting on my nerves."
by The Almighty Sapling November 07, 2005
A really crappy movie with Angelina Jolie where a bunch of wannabe hackers go around on rollerblades and connect their laptops to phoneboxes.
Probably the worst movie ever along with tomb raider.
WarGames is a really good computer based movie!
Guy1: That film hackers sucked so much dick.
Guy2: Yeah what a load of crap.
by You Know, that guy. July 17, 2005
A person using his abilities to get unauthorized acces to data.
This guy is such a hacker, he got into my facebook account!
by JesseRIU March 13, 2015
Anyone better than you in a video game.
THAT DUDE IS A FU***** HACKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *RAGERAGERAGE*
by Jooz March 07, 2015

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