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Someone with poor or undeveloped skills. Often mistakenly used to describe criminals (computer "hackers" broke into the mainframe).
By shooting 123 on the front nine, Julio proved to be a true "hacker" on the putt-putt course.
by Yul June 04, 2003
One who enjoys mis-using their internet connect to abuse system flaws. See exploits These are most common on Microsoft Windows.
I hacked A MS Box.
by mari0 December 14, 2003
It's the excuse given by weaker gamers to help them cope with their flagrant lack of talent. It is not the question of cheating or anything involving haxing by itself...but just another way of putting into words... " OMFG, that guy can headshot a nazi squirrel four miles away from Allie spawn."
#narf #affliction #ck #highvoltage #lqd #wsw...

by Pr1me August 16, 2003
A pet or friend who coughs up hairballs.
Fluffy was a longhaired Persian who was also a hacker; the relationship was illfated.
by harry flashman August 03, 2003
it means u stole someones acc... n in this case.... e-mail acc.
im a hacker.i hacked The Return of Light Joker's e-mail.
by The Return of Light Joker's hacker December 25, 2007
1. A completely unskilled and lazy player, most likely a n00b, in online games who want to impress others but end up being enflamed.

2. A derogative term used by n00bs to blatantly accuse a completely skilled and proffessional player in online games simply because he is too godlike.

3. A term used by the mentally retarded to refer to someone who can do strafe-sniping in Battlefield 1942.
1337|=|@)(0|2 : Hahaha look at my score!

Guy: OMG you stupid loser hacker faggot! WTF how did you know I was there you wallhacker! You n00b~! Get a skill! Stop hacking!!


<ONE-MAN-CLAN> n00b: WTF! HOW CAN YOU KILL ME FIVE TIMES IN A ROW YOU HACKER! <<along with other swear words>>

<CLAN> Pro : STFU! n00b~!

<CLAN> Others : ROFLMAO....what a n00b!


Buzz : WTF! How can you snipe while moving and have a pinpoint accuracy you hacker!

Kamikaze Pilot: You retard...I don't snipe while I move...I stop when I shoot! This is called strafe-sniping you n00b!

Buzz: WTF OMG <<along with other accusations>>
by someon December 05, 2004
instigationmachine says an everquest geek?! he must be one not many people have heard of it and he has.. tbh i would rather be a hacker and sit in all day hacking than be a geek like instigationmachine sitting on this site all day posting definitions..
<< click on his name.. fu**ing loadsa posts! >> takes more brain power imo ;D gg
instigationmachine is a noob and aint got a clue lmao!
by bob marley November 25, 2004
1. Someone who cuts trees.
2. A nerd.
3. Someone who's an expert in computer networks and uses this knowledge to get into systems.
"He's a hacker."
"A hacker got into our system"
by Nanda September 11, 2004