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Usually an Asian name, Vietnamese. She is a best frend anyone could ask for. She iz a great, pretty, loving, kind person
Me: Look, there's Ha
Friend: Who's Ha?
Me: My asian best friend
by randomer_ July 16, 2013
Hot as shit. also can be typed as has.
Timmy: daaaaammmnnn that girl is so H.A.S
by biddiestat June 01, 2011
1. Hardcore Anal Sex
(A group of words used to make a small amusing phrase to be said when the time permits it not to be taking serious.)
2. Hardcore Anthony Stevens
(A fake unbelieveable name used to keep #1 hidden from others only to leave they guessing what it really means.)
Friend 1-Dude!!! Have you seen her ass?!
Me-No, why?
Friend 2-I have... I want to bury my face in it.
Friend 1-I wanna put it in her poopier!
Friend 2-Ewww... You just now kinda ruined it. (-_-)
Me-H.A.S! *Lmfao*
Friend 1&2-Huh?
Friend 1&2-xDied insidex *ROFLMFAO*

Teacher-What did you just say young man?!?!
Student-Yea... Hardcore Anthony Stevens
Teacher-Whos that...?
Student-I don't know... ;D
by Derugen November 04, 2007
abbreviation for Hard-Ass meaning overly strict.. apparently calling someone a hard ass was too much so someone decided to coin the term HA.
Man, my English professor's a real H.A.!
by Sunny-D42 November 11, 2006
high as shit or H.A.S I when your extremely baked on some good dank
JON: yo you high yet
ZION: nigga im past that im H.A.S
JON: me to hahaha
by nigajon February 18, 2014
A reply to a person who says something reallllyyy long and you dont get it
guy 1: i just got a cool shirt and bough this from this really cool store that the cousin of my sister's friend's boyfriend's brother and its like sooo awesome you should get a shirt here too and their products are cheap too
guy 2: HA?
by the dantey April 24, 2009
Acronym for, "haul ass." Meaning leaving a place or area quickly.
I can't stand being in this place, let's H.A.
by Ferguson/Templeton January 07, 2009