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hxc reffers to groups of people much like skaters,wangsters,or preps.people that are concidered Hxc wont come out and say "i'm Hxc".people most commonly mistaken people of this race{jk}, emo's.there is a difference,emo's are normally gay, dont talk, wear checkered arm bands ,and all black.Hxc groups normally wear band tee's wich might include norma jean,underoath,he is legend, and everytime i die,as i lay dying.might.the also wear tight pants Tiger or Puma shoes,and might include a fitted hat.alot of tight cloths.some hxc people really focus on there look,wich includes their hair,long hair is most common and gauged ears.most hxc people{i dont know how to use the term} will gauge their ears past 0 if its a small 6 or 4,then idk.and unlike emo;s. people who are concidered hxc come out in sunlight and have fun,and dont think negitive towards life.there is many differences between emo's and people who are hxc.
Fall out boy=not hxc
as i lay dying=hxc

jumping up and down at shows=not hxc
moshing and hardcore dancing at shows=hxc
by $alex$ August 17, 2006

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