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1 definition by chrismfmartini

not what most of you are saying... its all about standing up for what you beleive in standing your ground and never backing down. its the marine motto "DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR"
it started with such bands as black flagg its not the 2 step not your clothes not your crew not straight edge its not chugging a liter of vodka its being fed up with being a second class citizen and letting it be known its standing up when no one else will
musically not: etid not as i lay dying
musically its: black flagg, minor threat, righteous jams(invasion), black listed, pale horse, tripple threat, death before dishonor,
realisticly: it stay gold pony boy... if you dont get that then get out your not hxc
by chrismfmartini May 12, 2008
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