Gypsys: well respectable people, generally the nicer kind of people compared to all the racist gorja scum. All your petty little comments of gypsies all being 'dirty thieving scum' use should turn around and look at all the foreigners running about choring off your lproperty.

'Gypsies don't work or pay taxes'- I myself am a Romany gypsy, pay taxes I also know of another member of the gypsy community as a teacher and a family member of mine is actually a legal secretary and works for a very high up law firm.

'Gypsies Should all fuck off back to Ireland'.. Most of us don't even come from ireland, most Irish travellers and Romany gypsies have been born and have grown up in England.

'Pikey'- is actually a discriminatory word, would you call a Muslim a terrorist? Or a black person a nigger?... It offends our culture and is racist.

Most of you on here are really judging us on what you have seen in the media. None of you realise that half of what the media say is incorrect.

The men and women of our culture are well respectable people. Bringing up children with good manners and looking after each other better than half of what you gorjas have done.
Yes, we may fight. But we're fighting for what is right and to protect our own.

Use are all racist cunts who need to fully look into what they're are saying and judging us, saying we are horrible people? Look at yourself.. We may live, talk and look different to you but we shouldn't be treated no different. 'Treat people how you wish to be treated'..
Silly gorjas thinking you rule the earth and can dictate to the way Gypsies and travellers are.

And as for you saying 'fuck off back to Ireland' I'd like to see use go tell a Muslim or foreigner to fuck off back to their own country..
I can tell the lot of use now that you all thinks you are big behind your computer screens but would never have to bollox to say any of that to a traveler or gypsies face.
Call us horrible people... You are all racist.
by FuckingHateGorjas July 05, 2016
a beautiful woman/man most of the time have green eyes but some have blue and work hard, get married young, and make sure there house is clean
i love being a gypsy and if you dont like it, oh well
by blue eyed gypsy May 05, 2016
The word "gypsy" can be used in anyway, whether to express frustration at a person, as an adjective, and as noun. The people group of gypsy decent are known for being shifty thieves who in fact steal anything not bolted down at any time and place. They also have a habit of being inbred, smelly, shabby, and like to shrink heads.
Dude, you are such a fucking gypsy, you owe me twenty bucks and you stole my jeans you piece of shit!
by SamMack November 19, 2008
Travelers that do trade shows and fairs selling their product always moving. Best people you will ever meet.
She said she's a gypsy she's truly a free soul
by Gypsysoul96 May 07, 2016
A race of people mainly in eastern Europe who steal carrots and ride donkeys and a race hated by many Greeks.
Greek 1 people broke into my house last night
Greek 2 What did you do?
Greek 1 I killed them
Greek 2 Why didn't you call the cops
Greek 1 They were Gypsies
Greek 2 Oh then why didn't you call me
Greek 1 That's the same thing the cops said
by GGIA August 20, 2014
Nomadic people hated by most of the population for no reason. Not to be confused with "modern-day gypsies" who live like pigs and steal. The gypsy people, contrary to popular belief, are honest and hard working, and would rather make something and sell it than steal.
Most have stopped travelling nowadays, but there are still some who refuse to settle down, and festivals at certain times of the year celebrating the culture.
"My grandfather was a gypsy and often wove baskets to sell as he travelled."
by Saphs March 19, 2008
to 'gypsy' can be mean to 'steal'
i just gysied me a nice ass zippo lighter
by Nobby July 21, 2004
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