While normally considered a racial slur, the word "gypsy" (in the US) refers to a person of Romani heritage. As with all cultures and groups, there are good and bad. They should not all be lumped into one group.

I have met Rom that have stolen from my store, and I have met many Rom that have been wonderful, paying customers for years. You simply cannot blame an entire race of people for the misdeeds of a few. Are all whites bad? No. All blacks? No.

The Romani in the US are not ethnically similar to the "Chav" or "Travellers" in the UK. At least in the US, the Romani that I have met dress very modestly, and are not bad people. They tend to have strong family values, and they take it very seriously.
I am a Gadji (non-Rom) person, and I feel that alot of the definitions of "Gypsy" are offensive.
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by AuntieCracker March 03, 2011
A person who sells goods which may include, but are not limited to, tears, shrunken peoples, Bay Watch fan books, and various other odd job items.
Did you see that Gypsy?

I sure did. She shrunk that person and then sold him with the rest of her various goods!
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by Yorf December 01, 2006
Noun. pronounced (JIP-SEE)
1. A person from Romani descent. An ethnic race with origins from India. They are an often persecuted and hated people among outsiders or gadji (Romani term for non-Romani) due to the immense prejudice and derogatory stereo-types believed by most people.

2. A person whom chooses to travel, and does not possess permanent residence or stability. This term is often referred to anyone practicing such a lifestyle regardless of ethnicity or background.

3. Something that is in character, ownership, or pertaining to the Romani. (ie: This is a gypsy dance; my gypsy friend is funny; you have a gypsy sense of style)

"I am a Gypsy trying to educate ignorant people about our race."

"A Gypsy bleeds the same blood as you do. We are all human when it comes to the reality of things."

"No, Borat. The gypsy does not want to eat your 'KHRUM'."

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by A Romani Girl November 11, 2006
Irish gypsies are calling themselves Romany. This give true Romany folk a bad name, when most are actually hard working and honest. Irish 'travellers' are con artists, rip off merchants, blaggers, thieves, and bullies. The kids are worse than the adults!! True Romany gypsies often get the blame for being theiving pikey scum, when they havent done anything. Sadly, they're a dying breed, with most living in houses now after being attacked and persecuted. Yet the Irish are still going strong...
Irish gypsy people are scum, liars, thieves, bullies, chavs!
#pikey #thieves #liars #blaggers #chavs
by Romany Roberts August 23, 2007
A 'traveller' who has no respect for authority,society,the environment, himself or his offspring. A thieving cad who steals cars, who runs into a young schoolboy whilst travelling at 60mph in a built-up area, kills him and drives on with his pals laughing in the back. Disappears into the 'travelling community' but is eventually caught and will go to jail and get the shit kicked out of him.
FACT: Gypsy travellers shield murderers!!
#gypsy #murderer #gyppo #thief #unclean
by Skirtlifter January 18, 2007
first of all i was upset to read of what other people have wrote about gypsies. that is your image of a gypsy and there way of life but its not like that. gypsies are not treated fairly as for the publicity they get, its all negative.
anyway being a gypsy im sure i would know what the word is more than someone who doesnt share that respect.
a gypsy is a blood line. its not to do with the way you look or anything like that it runs through your blood, like if someone is spanish, french etc.
some gypsies travel, others dont and have adjusted to the modern way of living. they travel with family and close friends which is why they come across in large groups. they travel in caravans usually but years ago gypsies travelled in wagons with horses. alot of gypsies are disrespected in many different ways, so some choose to rebel against law and feel why should we respect those who dont respect us. if gypsies where given a fair chance then maybe people could see how friendly and giving these people are. most gypsies make a living of there own, like dealing.. years ago gypsy men dealt horses and a few other things. things have changed alot over the years for gypsies, although most gypsy women stay at home and look after the home, children etc. i personally have had many people disrespect me for who i am, for know apparent reason so sometimes i do feel like fuck it, why should i treat people nicely when all i get is shit. although some people do not look at you as scum and what they think a gypsy should be, they look at you as a person and i thank people like that.
"we have a new gypsy in the neibourhood, maybe we could give them a chance and be nice" for once.
#gypsy #romany gypsy #traveller #gypsies #travellers #english gypsies #spanish gypsies #irish gypsies and so on.
by kala smith May 30, 2008
Forget the historical defs.

'Gypsy' is usually prefixed by 'Thieving' because that's what nearly all of them do. They are filthy, dishonest rip-off merchants, and that's just their children. They are NOT cool - at all! As in 11 above, they do indeed carry stolen gear in their Transit vans, that is when they're not hauling off monoblock/garden rubbish/gas canisters to dump anywhere and blight the environment. They also shit into poly bags,which they leave scattered around their sites. The men are lazy workers (bit of any oxymoron, that!), and they travel the country in vehicles that have forged documents, and have no insurance.
They are scum, period!
Those thieving gypsies.............
by skirtlifter January 11, 2005
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