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Git ur dick sucked!!(getting a girl to perform oral sex to you)
Hey Steve gyds by Laura. I am goin out with you and you are going to gyds by some bitch tonight.
by Stan Stevenson July 06, 2004
1. 'Get your dick sucked' A popular slogan recently trademarked by many West Coast local bands.
"Alright. See youse guys later! GYDS!"
by The GYDS Mafia January 20, 2006
Vulgar abbreviation in role playing games suck as, Runescape, and WoW. It stands for, "Get your dick sucked".
Lil Nerd: Bro, I own you at these gamez broseph.
Dude: GYDS you fkn nerd.
by SheaBoogie August 15, 2010
gyd something good and bad, depence on the situation. Used by a small minority in Sweden.
It can also mean something is cool or uncool.
Someone dies playing a video game. GYD
Someone wins on the lottery. Gyd!
Someone is nice. Gyd

Someone bumps into a chair and it hurts, then it´s gyyd.
by Fabian A November 03, 2006
Abbreviation for "Get Your Drift"
person1: I was sad when my favourite show came to an end. Its like part of me died. GMD?

person 2: GYD
by TeamGnomie August 15, 2016
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