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Git ur dick sucked!!(getting a girl to perform oral sex to you)
Hey Steve gyds by Laura. I am goin out with you and you are going to gyds by some bitch tonight.
by Stan Stevenson July 06, 2004
29 12
1. 'Get your dick sucked' A popular slogan recently trademarked by many West Coast local bands.
"Alright. See youse guys later! GYDS!"
by The GYDS Mafia January 20, 2006
18 6
Vulgar abbreviation in role playing games suck as, Runescape, and WoW. It stands for, "Get your dick sucked".
Lil Nerd: Bro, I own you at these gamez broseph.
Dude: GYDS you fkn nerd.
by SheaBoogie August 15, 2010
3 3
gyd something good and bad, depence on the situation. Used by a small minority in Sweden.
It can also mean something is cool or uncool.
Someone dies playing a video game. GYD
Someone wins on the lottery. Gyd!
Someone is nice. Gyd

Someone bumps into a chair and it hurts, then it´s gyyd.
by Fabian A November 03, 2006
3 8