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Abbreviation for "Gay Midget Dwarf". Alternate moniker for Tom Cruise.
That GMD is one crazy-ass cracker!
by Leipschen September 10, 2006
"give me dome"

a way of asking for oral sex in contexts such as school where one must keep one's sexual desires private.
Joe: Hey, Dani, you busy after school?
Dani: No.
Joe: You wanna gmd?
Dani: We'll see.
by lola loffinagel February 17, 2008
Give Me Dome...give me head, oral blow job...etc.
A girl says wanna make out, you say no, G.M.D.
by Rick "tire" May 04, 2006
Get More Drunk
Fuck Class I want to GMD,

Guy 1: Dude, whats your plan for tonight?
Guy 2: I'm gonna GMD
by FanOfWestchesterMatt November 11, 2010
Get More Drunk. It's an abbreviation.
Phil: "Are we drinking tonight?"
Bob: "Yea were going to kill that keg. GMD!"
by rpi cock block November 11, 2010
G.M.D stands for:

God's Most Dearest
Gunz/Gatz Money Drugz
Gun/Gat Manz Down

it can b used as the begginin of a tag instead of, laydee or lil, or baybee etc.
GMD Lethal
Lethal GMD
by Bizzi GMD April 06, 2007
gmd is a code name used for a big fat smelly ginger greasy hairy guy
-look at gmd
-he is so fat
by dave jones March 24, 2005
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