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Used when all other words of dismay do not express what you mean. Also has a connotation of laziness and blah.
Damnit i feel like shit. Gwah.
by DorkNumberOne February 18, 2005
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a made up word expressing a range of emotion consisting of rage sadness excitement or just surprise. It is also when someone hits someone or "pussy-taps" some one in the crotch region or anywhere on the ass. It can also be followed by shwah or fwah.
Tina: Chris, Kyle is making fun of me again
Chris: Gwah

John: I peed my bed last night
Chris: Gwah

Chris: Denise, the alcohol is gone
Denise: Gwah

by Chris Petrucci February 09, 2009
noun. A person that is orifice-sexual. Meaning--A female that has sexual intercourse with any type of shaft, inanimate object, etc...
A male that has sexual intercourse with any type of hole, opening, etc...
Human orifice not acceptable for Gwah.
John is gwah because he went to the store and got turned on by the donuts, after which he bought said donuts and had relations with them.
by Bridgette Leigh August 26, 2005

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