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1. anything that is cool.
2. G'ing someone out
1. Yo, that movie was madd guzz.
2.Slim, did u Guzz her out last night?
by Mr. Guzz November 27, 2007
The Naval Base at Plymouth, so called because of the Hindi word for a "yard" (36 inches) being a "guz", and the "Dockyard" being abbreviated to "The Yard" in the 19th century, leading to sailors calling Devonport, "The Guzz", or simply, "Guzz".
Stoker: "Are you a Guzz rate, or a Pompey rate?"
Dabber: "Guzz, till I die. I ain't from dog shit city".
by Matelot January 17, 2015
to be apart of the selective group "guzz unit".

the word is unexplainable and just understood by the members of guzz unit.
Tyler is one of the guzzest kids I've ever met.
by the first lady of guzz unit July 10, 2008
An advanced technique of tickling which involves attempting to make the victim move as though they're being electrocuted.
Ahmed guzzed bilal
Bilal was guzzed by Ahmed
lets go on a guzzing spree
by kuleke May 09, 2009
The juices made after you superdunk a girl. Your hot dog will spew these juices and if successfully passed through to the ChaCha Split. A chilala will pop out leik outta nowhere in 9 months.
by Lord Kabukucox August 01, 2009
In Cork City, Ireland, Guzz or Guz, refers to eyes.

He's guzz-eyed means..
Primarily, he was a squint.
Also can mean he's drunk.
Cork City English..

D'youngfla have guzz eyes.
The Youngfellow has a squint.

I was guzzeyed with drink on Monday.
by Gearóid Ó Laoi April 24, 2005
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