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training shoes
Ma, where are my gutties?
by Paul Clark April 16, 2003
Northern Ireland; cheap trainers your mother forced upon you when you were young, ONLY used for PE. Would've been a source of embarassment but everybodies mum bought them. Made from canvass and vulcanised rubber
you - "But Mum I don't want gutties, I want proper trainers"
Mum - "Proper trainers'll cost £15! You'll make do with gutties"
by StuartK June 28, 2005
To be rude or awful towards someone, but in a socially acceptable way.

Derives from the word 'gutless'
Pat: I was so close to bringing her home, and then John came up and whispered in her ear I have herpes"

Brian: That's gutty

Pat: And to top it all of, he ended up taking her back to our place!

Brian: King gutty!
by slimjimsarehealthy January 28, 2010
Refers to a sexually promiscuous person, usually female.
That girl in that skirt is a straight up gutty.
by DD Gang March 19, 2006
When one not only performs, but excels under immeasurable amounts of pressure.
Note: Usually used to describe a great play in sports.
*While watching a Philadelphia Flyers game*

Desh: HOLY SHIT!! Did you see what he just did?
Bryan: Yep, Mike Richards is gutty as hell.
by Donald fon Ronsenburg July 22, 2010
A move pulled by a fellow bro towards another bro that goes against the bro code.
Sleeping with a buddies ex girlfriend. Dave that was gutty, going and sleeping with Taylors ex.
by Matt Strainer April 26, 2010
A person of ill repute. Usually jobless and always in trouble. An archaic form of knacker and skanger.
I don't want you hanging around with that pack of gutties again!

Is that gutty going to your school?
by Cherro November 21, 2005