A dirty, hairy homeless man who lives in alleys and survives on cats, banana peels and puddle water.
That goddamn gutter snipe was out by my stoop yesterday trying to get some change.
by Bruce November 22, 2003
A poor child who lives in the gutters
"Since Katherine's parents abandoned her she has lived as a guttersnipe in the streets of New York City"
by Alexander Sedler October 29, 2003
1) A woman of poor moral values or reputation 2) a woman known to have sex with random unknown men 3) a woman who's vagina one would assume would look like a rotten chunk of tripe, one would find as one walks along a gutter or culvert; 4) a woman who is samples were of her vaginal fluids, one will find semen of a local sports team, even the third string, a janitor, four box car riders, David Phelps, that retarded dude who jacks it behind the k-mart, and a fame animal preferably a mule or horse.

personally i began using the term Gutter Tripe after i met the walking definition of this word, and the only thing i could use to define her wretchedness was the word Gutter Tripe
a skank, a trick, whore, slut, prostitute, loathsome woman, rotten crotch, hood rat, mung taint, filthy woman, hoochie, a Janet Reno, mealy mouth crotch pheasant, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Montana Fishburne, Hanna Montana, Fabiola, Gutter Tripe, Gutter Snipe, Booty Poppin Allstar
by Cosmic Pope October 26, 2010
young kids that run around the streets causing trouble.
those gutter snipes are messing with your car.
by micheal j hamilton IV April 18, 2003
noun - gut·ter·snipe - /ˈɡədərˌsnīp/

- A man, woman or transgender of low moral value trolling the slums of Twitter seeking negative attention from celebrities
Artie Lange enjoys retweeting comments posted by guttersnipes who don't like his selfies.
via giphy
by MsMaryContrary May 19, 2016
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