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I.e. Bicycle Commuters.

They’re the cyclists you see cranking along the snowbanks every morning in January, huffing home sweating bullets in August, and pedaling off to work, come rain, shine and everything in between. … refer to themselves as. May have originally started as a disparaging remark mountain bikers used to refer to commuters as but it has now been accepted.
"These gutter bunny types commute by bike everyday, and so should you."
by bayamus August 14, 2009
Insulting term used by hardcore mountain bikers to describe people who bicycle around a city merely for fun.
"He's out racing up and down a track every weekend; she's basically a gutter bunny who likes to rent a bike and watch the sunset on the beach, but whatever, they make it work."
by FilmTurtle January 27, 2009
Insult used by vehicular cyclists to describe novice cyclists and bicycle facility advocates who cycle in the street gutter because they fear being run over by cars.
"Look at that gutter bunny - he's going to get himself killed riding like that!"
by BeeryUSA July 16, 2012
Insulting term used to describe a disheveled, promiscuous woman.
Man, Trina is a gutter bunny!
by lousixx July 27, 2010
Insulting term for someone who pretends they're an expert about something they know very little about. Used by someone who does.
"We had to call out this gutter bunny acting like he knows how to promote a club when all he's got is a cell phone and Google."
by FilmTurtle January 27, 2009

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