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Insult used by vehicular cyclists to describe novice cyclists and bicycle facility advocates who cycle in the street gutter because they fear being run over by cars.
"Look at that gutter bunny - he's going to get himself killed riding like that!"
by BeeryUSA July 16, 2012
A circumcised penis.
When he took his pants off I saw he had a repulsive half-cock.
by BeeryUSA February 24, 2010
A day for motorists to pose as cyclists for one day so that they can brag to their workmates about how healthy and environmentally conscious they are.
Bill: "I biked to work on Bike to Work Day. It's great to know that I'm keeping fit and saving the planet."

Jeff: "Bike to Work Day was three months ago. Have you biked to work since?"

Bill: "No way! The road is too scary. Once a year is more than enough."
by BeeryUSA August 01, 2012
A straight-ahead bike lane striped on the curbside of a turn lane, so that turning vehicles have to turn across the bike lane.
Cyclists using that 'coffin corner' bike lane are likely to get hooked by any cars turning right.
by BeeryUSA August 01, 2012
Hiding collision participants from each other until the moment of impact.
When the cyclist was killed, he was riding in a protected bike lane. The driver who hit him claimed he never saw him.
by BeeryUSA August 01, 2012
A motorist who behaves stupidly or aggressively.
"He's not a motorist, he's a moton or cager."
by BeeryUSA April 27, 2012

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