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n. getting deep into a pussy balls deep.
Are you going to try and get in that biches guts?
by Big Earn November 03, 2005
A.K.A Gatts or Gattsu.

Is the main character of the anime/manga series Berserk. Guts is a mercenary with incredible strength and will while not superhuman his physical attributes are often said to be "inhuman". Guts was born on the battlefield with both of his parents dead Guts was raised by the mercenary leader Gambino. Guts became the champion of Gambino's mercenary group and outshined Gambino, causing Gambino to attempt to kill Guts in a drunken Rage. However Guts killed Gambino and eventually wounded up in the legendary band of the hawk mercenary group.

Guts formed a family-like bond with the Band of the hawks members a relationship with Casca a commander of the hawks and a best friend relation with Griffth the leader. Griffth however sacrificed a majority of the Band of the hawk to become a powerful entity known as a God Hand. Casca and Guts and Casca were the only survivors. Casca was raped by Griffth and traumatized her into losing her memory and becoming mute. Guts lost his left arm and his right eye. Guts then sent out on a journey to kill Griffth and all of his Apostles (Monsters)

Guts replaced his arm with a merchanical one that was magnetic so he could hold his sword with two hands had a hidden cannon and a repeating crossbow. Guts wields the massive sword Dragonslayer similar to Cloud's buster sword, or Siegfried's requiem. Guts eventually obtained the Berserker armor a cursed armor that allowed Guts to negate pain during battle but a frenzied rage could take over him if he was lost the bloodshed of combat.

Guts is although an unknown character to many anime and manga watchers his character and personality is well recieved by both fans and critics. Guts is the definition of Badassery, tough, mean and while not stylish he's one hell of a fighter.
Guts is the most badass anime/manga character created.
by Dean Medina July 24, 2009
a very easy college course
"Philosophy 106 was such a gut; we just sat around making shit up."
by Joe Bone March 11, 2005
Getting a stomach, like getting fatter
franceska you getting a little gut?
by da1nonlicubana April 21, 2009
An acronym for Grand Unifying Theory, the search for a GUT is a hot topic in physics today. If found, a GUT will provide a theoretical connection between strong nuclear forces and electroweak force. It will also explain all known physical phenomena.
The lack of large enough proton accelerators has been a huge punch to the GUTs.
by Jeffrey Smith June 08, 2005
One of the greatest shows ever on Nickelodeon, and any other television channel for that matter. Hosted by Mike O'Malley, and head referee Moira Quirk. Three kids compete against eachother in a series of grueling athletic events. This is later finished by a race in which they climb a monsterous mountain (the Aggro Crag, Mega Crag, or Super Aggro Crag). The winner has the honor of taking home A GLOWING PIECE OF THE RADICAL ROCK.
D-D-D-Do you have it? GUTS!
by Necrophagist May 12, 2005
The interior of a car
I just put leather guts in my car.
by Tomeka AKA OnePrincess May 27, 2003