(v) To empty out the disgusting tobacco of the gas station bought cigar (dutch, swisher, optima, philly, etc.) in preperation for the rolling of a blunt. Usually done so by splitting/cracking the blunt down the middle with a razor, fingernail, or hands.

(n) The disgusting tobacco found in gas station bought cigars after being removed from its shell.
Yo slow the car down so I can gut this blunt, we've only got 10 minutes to burn!

After years of flushing blunt guts down the toilet, Johnny was busted by his plumber questioning his parents about the enormous amount of tobacco in the septic tank.
by Jack N May 20, 2007
1. internal organs

2. The contents of something.
1. With one swift carving knife cut down his chest, his guts poured out onto the operating room floor.

2. She forgot to zip-up her backpack and when she slung it around her shoulder, its guts poured out onto the library floor, awakening gawking stares from peers.
by Tynicia March 11, 2005
Having Guts is arriving late home after a night out with the guys, being assaulted by your wife/girl friend with a broom, and having the guts to say "Are you still cleaning or are you flying off somewhere?"
"Where the hell have you been ive been waiting all night for you"
*Swings broom*
"eh boy your in big trouble"
*Swings broom again*
MALE REPLYS "Are you still cleaning dear or are you flying off somewhere?"
by Zaky December 13, 2006
1. strength and tenaciousness in coping with what blocks, repels, or discourages.
2. a clothing company and brand

Rachel Chad & Matt, did you see what they did? That's some guts shit.
by RachelisGuts January 23, 2009
the leftover tobacco after rolling a blunt
yo where can i throw the guts
by D3ADp00L March 05, 2007
To have a real big gut. The gut gives you confidence. The gut is like a friend you can always count on.
Hey look at that guy he has a huge gut, I wish I had a gut like him.
by Gut scumbag July 14, 2014
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