a cigarette, etymology= cigarette -> cigurt -> gurt
Hey, got a spare gurt?
by MikeyV43 June 14, 2006
1) n. a term of onamatapoea. The sound that yogurt (or any similarly viscous substance) makes when violently or forcefully handled or eaten
You should have heard that old mac and cheese gurt when I threw it out.
by Alienthropologist October 22, 2004
the mixture of shit and cum after two gay men have sex.
Jimmie "Dude i totaly just shit out all that Gurt!" Alex "MMM now i can eat it all up, yummy!"
by THURST 360 March 06, 2008
1) A small, promiscuous asian girl with a high tolerance for grief and a considerably immature sense of humor (despite what she may want people to think).

2) Gurt-ball - One who exibits ALL of the trait characteristics of a Gurt.
You even made out with Dave! You'd totally do everyone in this building you Gurt-ball!
by Anonymous March 01, 2005

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