a word used in such scenarios that other words may not be appropriate so thus gurts is introduced. It can mean anything and those involved in the conversation know what it means by the context surrounding it. Usually used in less serious situations
guy1: did you drink the last beer

guy2: yup

guy3: why you mother gurtser!
#gurtz #girtz #girts #gertrude #gozzles
by knifeinflavor123 February 03, 2010
The term used to refer to small, fat little girls who have hair that glows as ginger as the sun. Often seen munching burgers and breathing heavily, they are very shy when outside their natural habitat of fast food establishments where they enjoy sitting with fugly fugs and bathing in grease.
Person 1: Oh my god, try not to laugh but there's a gurt coming down the corridor....

Person 2: Are you serious!? I hear if you look directly at one you put on 10 stone!!
#fat #ginger #burger #minger #sexy #fugly #fug #obese #rotund #gert #gurtt #kurt #stunning #carbs #weight #heavy
by Dracil malfeenan November 02, 2010
1. (verb) The act of sodomizing a duck or other type of waterfowl repeatedly.

2. (noun) A person who conducts such an act
1. Sorry, I didn't get much sleep. I was up all night by the ponds gurting.

2. Look at that gurt. He's got feathers all over his pants.
#gurrett #gurrt #gort #gert #gourt
by Snipeduh January 10, 2010
What happens when you open a container of yogurt and the pressure inside the cup forces a small amount of yogurt out of the cup and onto yourself or others close to you.
1. I hope this banana berry bliss doesn't gurt all over me.

2. Damn it! I just got gurted on! Stupid Yoplait...
#gurt #yogurt #cup #food #explode
by misterredbeard March 12, 2009
noun: the item sold at YouGurt
verb: to gurt, the act of eating gurt
Hey man, lets go get our gurt on!
#gurt #yougurt #yogurt #gurting #gurter
by Madd!zzle July 10, 2008
1,the new term for the use of gunt as an insult.
2,a name. for like a turtle/turt.
1,that guy is such a gurt.
2, gurt the turt.

#gunt #unique #lard #turt #fangles.
by ralph p. nis October 02, 2006
1) n. a term of onamatapoea. The sound that yogurt (or any similarly viscous substance) makes when violently or forcefully handled or eaten
You should have heard that old mac and cheese gurt when I threw it out.
by Alienthropologist October 22, 2004
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