A word to say when wading through gross mud or upon encountering gross slime on a handrail that you were using.
James Nye: "Ruby, let me wipe this gross frosting on your face!"
Ruby: "NO! Gurk! Well, ok."
by SeppukuKnife April 09, 2005
Top Definition
the sound a woman makes whilst gagging on an erect cock.
Sheila was a gurker.
by Anonymous May 01, 2003
1. To have sexual intercourse.

2. To 'tap that' or 'hit it raw'.
Fatamanisha: What up, Keyshawn?

Keyshawn: What's good, mama? You gon' let me gurk that shit today, right?

Fatamanisha: Boy, you nasty!
by LMAOProductionz June 22, 2009
That certain onomatopoeia that is rare and unheard of pretty much everywhere. Usually uttered by strange males whenever something unexpected happens to them.
"Walking is sure fun. I hope I don't trip-
gurks. (Uh oh cover up! I think that chick saw me!)"
by nisbahmumtaz January 07, 2012
1. bevy lord
2. general party attender
1. "Awww watch Alison down that vodka, she's such a gurk!"
2. "Let's attend Sebastion's party this weekend because we're such gurks"
by Jazwaz January 13, 2014
a big girl who preys on drunk men
Ended up makin out with this gurk last night, she got me again.
by Rocky1989 December 12, 2009
A gurk - One who downloads more porn than anyone else in a 300 mile radius.
scott is a gurk.
by Gicklepotomus February 21, 2003
asking someone can they hit that or fuck
Girl- what up
Boy- yoh shawty when you gonna let me gurk
by jamie and kev October 22, 2006
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